I am LadyWake! I am a published author, Trauma Healing Coach, Somatica Trained Sex & Intimacy Doula and Master Level Reiki practitioner. 

I have spent over 17 years analyzing people in sales, over 8 years treating trauma wounds and over 20,000 hours researching relationships of all kinds. In all of this, I have found one very powerful link that can elevate or doom relationships to death.

That link is called Intimacy

Traditional talk therapy is good for many reasons but very slow in delivering healing results.

YOU CAN HEAL WHILE ENJOYING A DELICIOUS RELATIONSHIP! I CAN HELP… Message me today to learn how to upgrade your Sex & Intimate Life/Relationships and Heal Trauma Faster.

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LadyWake is a term with dual meaning/purpose. It is dedicated to mourning and appreciating our old selves as we were, including lessons learned…as we would at a wake. At the same time we must realize the equal importance of waking up to our new selves..loving and appreciating the new segment of life’s journey and the lessons it is sure to bring. Since we are always transitioning, we must learn to heal, love and apply our lessons on the fly.

What is the Somatica Method?

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