Pods and Polyamory

Polyamory is no longer an unfamiliar concept! People in the US and around the world are gradually coming to see it as a valid relationship style, giving individuals more freedom to explore their romantic interests.

What’s even better is that everyone involved understands what they’re signing up for – consent and happiness are essential components of any polyamorous dynamic. It can be so much fun being able to express love with multiple partners, each having unique personalities and qualities that make them special! CNM relationships provide people with exciting opportunities beyond just ‘traditional’ monogamous coupledom.

Mono-poly Relationships

Have you ever heard of a mono-poly relationship? It’s an unconventional dynamic where one person is monogamous, and the other identifies as polyamorous. But surprisingly, this unique pairing can actually work!

The polyamorous partner will pursue relationships or activities outside of their primary monogamous connection – while their counterpart only wants to be committed in that way with them specifically. People often find themselves in these situations for any number of reasons like comfortability or convenience – whatever the case may be our hats off to those making it happen!

Solo Polyamory

Solo polyamory is an independent lifestyle that focuses on self-care and prioritizing oneself over any other person they may be involved with. For those who practice solo polyamory, their own needs come first – meaning there are no primary partners or expectations of a long-term commitment in this journey. Instead, the focus shifts to having multiple secondary relationships without giving up personal time! It’s an exciting direction for anyone looking for something different from traditional monogamous relationship dynamics.


If you’ve ever played the children’s game of telephone, a vee polyamorous relationship is like Mike in the middle being connected to both Tiffany and Ashley. Although they all share Mike as their partner, there are no extra lines connecting them together – just one line straight back to good ol’ mister V!

So if it sounds too tricky for ya’ll then keep your eyes peeled on that lone center point: That’s where relationships success awaits.


Have you ever heard of the mysterious throuple? This relationship is like a love triangle taken to its spiciest level. It’s similar to a Vee, with three people romantically connected but unlike other triangles of love everyone in this polyamorous triad loves eachother!

Unlike classic triangular relationships which can be filled with heartbreak and strife these lucky parties find harmony when all 3 come together for an exciting romantic adventure full of thrilling surprises.


A quad relationship is an exciting and unique way for four individuals to be romantically involved with each other – two couples engaging in a wild journey of discovering relationships that reach beyond the borders. The dynamic possibilities are fascinating, either when three people join forces looking for another person or even if two unrelated duos decide it’s time to explore something much bigger than just themselves! In any case, these adventures into uncharted waters will bring unforgettable memories – could you imagine what would happen?

Hierarchical Polyamory

A hierarchical poly relationship is a three-person dynamic of love, sex and emotion! There’s always one primary partner who holds the reins; they live together, share property and often have children. The other two are secondary or tertiary partners – their importance in decision making can be unequal to that of the main couple. It takes special understanding for all parties involved but with mutual respect it works like magic!

Non-Hierarchical Polyamory

A non-hierarchical polyamorous relationship is a unique kind of setup where there’s no number one partner – everyone involved has an equal footing. Partners in this arrangement make major decisions together, and each person’s connection to the other two is different but equally valued!

Welcome to a revolutionary love triangle! Mike, Tiffany and Ashley embrace an unconventional approach to dating – no one person is in control of the relationship; instead all three focus on meeting everyone’s needs. This level playing field has allowed them to continue their blissful romance for five years with new partner Ashley joining only last year – proving that although relationships evolve, true shared connection lasts forever!

Kitchen Table Polyamory

A kitchen table polyamorous relationship offers something special – a chance to create an interconnected family unit. All involved in the arrangement are emotionally linked, with strong bonds of support between everyone despite whether they are all connected romantically or not. To capture this sentiment, it’s earned its namesake from being comfortable gathering around one another for meals and events as if you were related by blood!

For those looking to wrap their minds around a kitchen-table polyamory dynamic, take Mike as our previous example. He’s romantically involved with Tiffany and Ashley but these two don’t reciprocate the sentiment in terms of romance or sex – instead they have an emotional bond between them that runs deeper than just being friends. In other words, if you look closely enough at this cup of relationships it will overflow with support for each other on many different levels from regular meals together over activities down to providing care no matter what life throws at them! If however neither were emotionally connected and only shared some sort of connection with Mike then we’d need to start speaking about parallel polyamory dynamics instead…

Relationship Anarchy

If you’re getting into polyamory, there’s a good chance you’ll come across the term “relationship anarchy”. It refers to an unconventional view of relationships that seeks freedom from rules and labels. In this mindset, poly partners don’t need permission or consent before pursuing any relationship they choose – all without worrying about fitting in with traditional expectations!

Relationship anarchy is all about shaking up the conventional rules of relationships by creating a unique, flexible approach that’s based on individual freedom. Letting go of traditional boundaries and labels when it comes to romantic connections opens up limitless possibilities for creative self-expression!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to open up your relationship? Polyamory can offer a unique and interesting spin on relationships, with different dynamics that work for everyone. From monogamous partners dating polyamorous people to entire families living within the same dynamic, there’s no one-size fits all solution – but that means something special out of every connection! So if this has sparked curiosity or excitement in you don’t hesitate – hop onto a free fifteen minute phone consultation today and learn more about how polyamory could make positive changes in your life!