Sexual Embodiment

How do you embody your sexuality?

Unleash your inner temptress and embrace the power of embodied sexuality! Revel in the joys of your senses, fantasies, and heart. This is the full expression of your desires. In contrast, disembodiment happens when we disconnect from our body and focus too much on our worries or anxieties – let’s break free from that cycle!

Sexual embodiment is an empowering way to explore and express our sexuality. It’s a conscious practice that involves being present with our body, tuning into sensations, and becoming aware of how we move within ourselves and with others. We can experience greater pleasure in intimate moments when we open up to our own desires.

Sexual embodiment also involves developing healthy relationships with our body, pleasure, emotions and boundaries – leading to a more liberating physical experience. With sexual embodiment comes an awakening of new erotic potential – greater connection with ourselves and others, heightened levels of intimacy and trust – as we liberate the power of our true selves!

Whether you’re jumping, stretching, dancing, or simply taking in the comfort of your own breath, the possibilities are endless. Plus, the sound of your voice speaking, shouting, singing or laughing can add even more passion and pleasure to your exploration. Self-touching is also encouraged – don’t be afraid to use your genitals if you’d like!

When you focus on being present with your body and allowing yourself to feel every sensation, you will be well on your way to winning at embodiment. The regular practice of self-pleasure breaks any bad habits that might prevent us from truly enjoying sex with others.

It can help increase libido, make menopause sex hot again, and cultivate body positivity and intense orgasms. Embrace this journey into yourself and bask in the life force energy that recharges our vitality!

What wonders will be unlocked when you commit to giving yourself pleasure?