Purgatory…the in-between

Many people live their life in what I call “a state of purgatory”. Purgatory is sort of a holding place. It isn’t “hell”..so the person is not in deep pain and trauma. It also isn’t “heaven”..so the person is not living a life of joy.  This can ring true in personal relationships, careers, body and […]

Pods and Polyamory

Monogamous relationships are the most accepted relationship style in the United States and many parts of the world. Many people find the thought of polyamory repulsive or strange because the idea of a non-monogamous relationship isn’t normal to them.  But there’s nothing strange about polyamorous relationships when everyone has consented and is happy with their […]


There are unique desires and community that may not always be understood by people who identify as cis-straight. Unique needs in affection, sex, socialization and beyond require allies to understand and work together to advance a shared agenda.  Here is some basic information about sexual orientation. If you are wondering, confused or shocked about self […]

Parent/Child Relationship Recovery

The parent/child relationship is the most delicate and most important of them all. Adult friends, partners, spouses etc can come and go but there is an intricate bond between parent and child that cannot be denied no matter the level of trauma.  There are also misconceptions about what it means to have a “normal” relationship […]

Sexual Embodiment

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